Trump Campaign Manager: The Press Is Both Biased for Clinton and Secretly Talking Shit About Her

Screenshot via CNN/New Day

No one can accuse Kellyanne Conway of not trying so, so hard. Trump’s campaign manager has gracefully attempted to explain everything from her candidate’s hideous Muslim ban to all that alleged pussygrabbing. After Wednesday’s debate, in what may be her beautiful albeit strained swan song, Conway went on multiple TV programs and Twitter to explain that the press is both shamefully biased for Clinton and also talks shit about her to Kellyanne Conway like all the time.

Conway went on CNN Thursday morning to say that Trump “can’t get a fair shake,” because most journalists who have made campaign donations in the presidential race donated to Clinton. The donation part, anyway, is true, although one could fairly easy argue that Trump is getting the election coverage he deserves.


Chris Cuomo pointed out that many news organizations don’t allow donations, or require disclosure if journalists do donate. “The idea of being nasty to him on purpose doesn’t wash with me,” he added.


It also doesn’t gibe with what Conway said less than twelve hours before on the Twitter:


I am certain that when journalists wish to complain about Hillary Clinton, they go right to Kellyanne.

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