Trump Asked the Acting FBI Director Who He Voted For

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What if I have lost my ability to be surprised??? What then???

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Trump reportedly asked acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe who he voted for in the 2016 election, and asked about his wife, Jill McCabe’s run for Virginia State Senate and the timing does not! look! great! [Washington Post]
  • Pollster Page Gardner, president of the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, says Democrats will lose unless they motivate the “Rising American Electorate” to vote this fall—something they’re currently failing to do. No shit! [Washington Post]
  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu skipped a Wednesday meeting between Trump and mayors in protest after the Justice Department sent letters to 23 jurisdictions requesting documents to show whether they are protecting undocumented immigrants, as part of the administration’s grotesque crackdown on sanctuary cities. Guess what: Trump is nawt happy! [CBS News, The Hill]
  • Here’s a nice little exploration into how much Ivanka’s book flopped. [Melville House]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

“remendous investment by companies from all over the world being made in America. There has never been anything like it. Now Disney, J.P. Morgan Chase and many others. Massive Regulation Reduction and Tax Cuts are making us a powerhouse again. Long way to go! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”

Pure. Unadulterated. Bullshit.

I read his dumbfuckery this morning and my head exploded. NO CITATION WHATSOEVER BACKUNG THIS UP!! It’s simply a list of companies that someone in the room was talking about or was listed on his 1page daily briefing that says Trump in every paragraph so he’ll manage to read it to the end.

Insofar as Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! go, the travel industry is down 4% due to Trumps effort to make theUnited States completely undesirable as a travel destination. This results in a loss of $4.6 BILLION dollars and a loss of 40,000 Jobs!