Trump Administration Still Distressingly Vague About Soleimani's Supposed 'Imminent Attack'

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The Trump administration continues to be evasive about those so-called “imminent attacks” that they allege Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani was planning. As those attacks play a huge role in the justification of the United States’ assassination of Soleimani, it would be pretty helpful for someone like, say, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien to provide the press with more insight about that.

But that would be asking too much, as evidenced by O’Brien’s inability to provide details in an interview with NPR on Friday:


It was “incredibly strong intelligence,” okay? The best intelligence. Beautiful intelligence.

Don’t you just love feeling like we’re being lied into another war?

And in other reassuring news on the Forever Wars front, the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump’s actions against Soleimani may have been encouraged by... his upcoming impeachment trial?


From the Wall Street Journal:

The way the strike was handled has drawn scrutiny from Democrats and some Republicans. Critics say the decision was hasty, considering the risk of all-out war. They also question whether the intelligence that prompted the action was as clear-cut and alarming as the White House has said, and see the move as doing little to further U.S. interests in the region.

Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.


Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Jared Kushner’s quest to bring peace to the Middle East will be put on hold as he suits up for his new role as Trump 2020 campaign monkey.


The New York Times reports that Kushner will “supervise” Trump’s re-election campaign:

Unlike the behind-the-scenes role he played in the 2016 campaign — where he was seen as a key figure but, campaign aides said, never took a title and avoided blame — Mr. Kushner is positioning himself now as the person officially overseeing the entire campaign from his office in the West Wing, organizing campaign meetings and making decisions about staffing and spending.


Now, Kushner will get a title, and plenty of blame when the white nationalism really pops off. Joy.

And look, it’s Kushner’s birthday, too. Joy, the redux:


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I particularly like the double down of the attacks is.....more attacks. Started with that hilarious softball pitch of Mike Pence trying to be relevant and blaming them for 9/11 (also probably responsible for ‘Mother’ wanting to be held and his soggy Rice Krispies in his warped white gourd of a head), then became 1 imminent in Iraq, then became multiple, and multiple became 4 at his latest sycophant orange dick suck-a-thon last night (did you see that sea of white, mustachioed, and over 50 he positioned behind him? It was Boomer-opolis!). No details of course....why would we need proof when we got the gold standard of Truth Telling....Donald Fucking Trump whose as pure as the driven snow!

I expect it to be in upwards of 30 to 40 planned attacks by Monday.

Mind you this was after multiple people walked out of the briefing for the reasoning going there was dick all reasoning and President Tire Fire accidentally disconnecting brain to mouth and saying the initial killing of Soleimani was because of the impeachment...whoopsie. But what’s a little war criming between nations? 

Oh and the big turd curl on this shitcake? Ol Donnie bitching he lost out on the Nobel Peace Prize....again. Literally 24 hours after prompting an open door to another goddamn brushfire war, the sack of shit is complaining no one gives him a prize for peace.

The only fucking reason this boil on ass of Earth wants it because Obama got one and he doesn’t.....and he HATES it because it is yet another reason Obama is better than him (why do you think he has done is fucking best to reverse everything he did good or bad? It’s because Obama dared make fun of him at the Press Core dinner 10 goddamn years ago.)

This is the seventh ring of hell....