Tragically Awkward Jeb Bush to Young Voter: 'I Want To Be Your First'

This is a smart strategy! Jeb Bush is recovering from a cringingly awful day in Iowa by steamrolling into New Hampshire, and making a weird sex joke to a young future voter to distract everybody:


Oh. Oh no.

Despite finishing a very distant sixth, paying an average of $2,884 a vote to unsuccessfully persuade Iowans to love him, ending up with a single delegate after all that—despite the fact that he could comfortably fit his political support in the state on the back of a moped—Bush says he’s not dropping out of the race. Nope, he’s in this thing, making godawful jokes and casually buying New Hampshire muffins:

Is Jeb Bush a tragic figure? Does he just love traveling a long way and spending $14 million so far on muffins? Most importantly: how is he this bad at making jokes?

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Bush campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire, Monday, February 1, 2016. Photo via AP Images

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