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On December 16, Tom Arnold let the world know he had a recording of Donald Trump saying “every offensive, racist thing ever,” yet had not released it prior to the election, because he says he just thought they were funny at the time.

A few days later, Arnold tweeted that he may be getting sued over the unexpected reveal:

And then on Christmas, Arnold responded to actor Michael Rapaport on Twitter in a long series of tweets that implies more and more layers to this stinky onion, after Rapaport asked, “Where dem tapes at?” Arnold’s explanation seems to say that if he reveals Trump’s shame, it will leave many other big league Hollywood players exposed. Sort of like what happened to Billy Bush, but with famous people.

Who are these seven big shots? Who are these “Watergate level” reporters? It’s may be that Rapaport now has the inside scoop, because he tweeted later that he spoke directly with Arnold and the plot, my friends—it is thick:

Pretty hard to imagine what could possibly be released about trump that could actually do him any damage, but if Tom Arnold somehow makes a dent in the cloud of lies, malaise, incompetence and self-satisfaction of our incoming president, it will be a fitting culmination to the waking nightmare we currently consider reality.