During an appearance Monday night on The Tonight Show, Tina Fey told Jimmy Fallon about the time she met lumbering human-like tardigrade Donald Trump this year and lived to talk about it.


The story begins, as all stories do, with SNL producer Lorne Michaels deceptively inviting Fey to Adele’s NBC Christmas Special—which was taped at Radio City Hall in November and aired last night.

Fey was expected to work during the event, she thought, but it was all a trick to simply get her to attend. “You have to lie to me to get me out of my house,” she says.


Fey ended up sitting in front of Trump in the audience and catching a whiff of his fraudulent aura. She calls herself a hypocrite for choosing to engage with him, however, instead of ignoring the stench. “We have the same baby nurse,” was her excuse. Valid.

Amy Poehler, who’s starring with Fey in their latest movie Sisters, tried to avoid Trump, as most self-respecting humans do.

Watch Fey’s explanation of the soul-sucking meeting in the clip above.

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