Tiffany Trump Forced to Sit With the In-Laws

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Donald Trump’s wife and selected children are sitting together directly in front of the debate. Notably absent from the box are Barron, an actual child, and Tiffany, who was forced to sit with the in-laws.

Joining the row where the other daughter and the Trump spouses are sitting are three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment or assault, and one woman who says Hillary Clinton mishandled her rape case. In footage aired on CNN, the Trumps appeared to be extremely interested in their cell phones while rape victim Kathy Shelton talked in their general direction.


Tiffany, who is sitting next to the spouses, was not featured in the CNN shot, but she’s there. She’s always been there...

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Two things:

Tiffany has it best out of all the Trump kids-she gets Trump’s money but none of his attention.

Second, I have Ivanka’s dress. Except mine’s plus sized and I bought it on sale at Lane Bryant. So, huh.