This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Hope That Aliens Are Real

Meghan McCain was absent from The View for most of this week, but unfortunately it was not because she was abducted by aliens.

In the two days McCain was on air, she repeatedly assured viewers that when hosts are absent they’re probably just sick or busy: It does not mean they have been fired or abducted by aliens. Bummer.


The conservative black sheep of The View used her limited airtime this week to complain about conservative pundits supporting liberal politicians and policies while still calling themselves Republicans on TV. (McCain has a well-documented fondness for Joe Biden herself, but he’s not a real liberal anyway.)

Here’s to continuing the tradition of shortened McCain work weeks, and fingers crossed that soon she will never be on TV again.

producer, jezebel

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We don’t have proof of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Think about it for a minute - If there really WERE aliens, Trump would have leaked their existence as soon as he got into the White House. That, or they would have come down and said, “Oh, geez, we’re so sorry. Glorb got out of his cage again and disguised himself as this orange thing. But shame on you for not noticing - the orange skin, the tentacles that he pretended to comb over...It was pretty obvious he wasn’t from your planet!” LOL