This Week In Meghan McCain Brings a Bright, Burning Hatred for Rand Paul

Meghan McCain took Friday off of The View this week for “personal reasons.” If I didn’t know any better, I might wonder if that had anything to do with her choice words for Friday’s guest, Rand Paul on the show earlier this week.

In a rare moment of concern for people other than herself, McCain spent a good deal of time this week lamenting President Trump’s abandonment of the U.S.’s Kurdish allies. About Paul’s support for the decision, McCain said, “Any time Rand Paul is on the side of an issue, you can automatically assume it’s probably a bad one.”


She’s not ready for Republicans to have to take responsibility for their previous bad policies though, suggesting that too-harsh criticisms of conservatives like former President Bush and, of course, her father, led to President Trump. Sorry, but we can’t all just forget it and get along.

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If McCain wasn’t on this show, would she have relevance? ABC News rarely has her on their set and I don’t think Faux News wants her even though her Twitter bio says she is a blonde republican and rabble rouser (she must think that is equivalent to being a maverick). Then again, maybe she is on the show because like wrestling, there has to be a heel for the hero to battle in order to get butts in the seats and commercial dollars for the program.