This Last-Second Trump Lawsuit Is Literally the Plot of Veep

Donald Trump has filed a suit in Nevada alleging that the Clark County registrar kept polls open for “two hours beyond closing time” on the last night of early voting, according to CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto. Aside from being a very obvious play to cut out Latinxs in a swing state, it is literally the plot of Veep.


In Season 5 of the popular and funny HBO show about the narcissistic, gaffe-laden President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), she’s tied with her opponent in the election and desperate to find a way to win; her staff and strategists come up with their best option, which is freaking Nevada. Ballots are missing! She demands a recount! She sees a ray of hope but, eventually, she loses the state, actually making it worse for herself after thinking it was her way back in to the Oval Office.


It’s remarkable that real life is mimicking a television show meant to mock the thirstiness and self-importance of politicians, but what else is new in this hellacious election?

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I ... kind ... of ... don’t ... think ... he’s ... totally .... wrong ... ?

Oh god, that was painful to type.

Now, my state doesn’t have early voting, so I’m not totally sure how lax or tight it’s run in comparison to the day-of voting, but I have been a poll worker, and the hardest—THE HARDEST—thing I’ve ever had to do, besides birthing babies, was to tell a young man who’d driven home to SC from school in TN and got to the polls at 7:03 that he was too late and couldn’t vote. He sat down and cried. I cried, too. But it’s imperative that elections are run according to the rules. Otherwise, you have shitheads like Trump crying “Rigged!” I don’t know how extensive the rule-breaking was in this case, and I don’t like to see DT with any room to complain, but dammit, elections MUST be entirely legal and fair for all involved.