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Food is good, and it is normally sad when it is wasted, but there is one important exception—when it’s thrown at white nationalists.


This week has brought us two delightful such moments. On Wednesday, Jovanni Valle, a white nationalist who spoke at the anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, decided to bring himself as well as a Nazi flag to New York City’s Union Square. He then promptly got egged after reportedly spewing some vile homophobia, including saying that “homosexuality was due to a chemical imbalance.” You can watch the video below, which you should:


The week continued with Tommy Robinson, a British far-right activist, founder of the rabidly Islamophobic British Defence League, and now candidate for the European Parliament, who got a nice milkshake to the face as he was campaigning: 

His name is reportedly Danny. May we all be like Danny!

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