Donald Trump is bad, but not specifically for this reason.

On March 3, a “hostess, actress, and model” named Siri Corretjer posted a casting call she had received via email for a Latina to play Trump’s executive assistant.

“Just wanted to share this casting I received yesterday,” she wrote. “Looks like the Trump camp finds Hispanics useful after all. As a Hispanic woman I am embarrassed for any Hispanic woman that would agree to do this. Please, please share this now this needs to go viral. His campaign is based on lies and hate. Share this meow!!!”

It has since circulated:


The full casting notice, available via LA Casting here, reads:

There are a number of reasons why this posting seems like it was definitely posted by actor/comedians, and not the Trump campaign:

  1. This sentence: “We need a Hispanic female actress that can pretend to play Donald Trump’s Executive Assistant for this Viral Video.” Only comedians and BuzzFeed employees call something a “viral video” before it has gone viral.
  2. Rate: Copy/credit/social media share. Only comedians think that is a rate.
  3. “You will be acting like his ex executive assistant, and will be talking directly to the camera. Lots of dialogue and script to memorize,”. This sentence is riddled with typos.
  4. Trump doesn’t really advertise.
  5. The idea isn’t very good.

If we know anything about the Trump campaign, it’s that it is good at (and relies heavily upon) outsourcing. While that means that hiring an actor of color would be within the campaign’s purview, it also means that having an agency post the casting notice (instead of an intern) would be too.


The campaign has, however, already been caught attempting to fabricate the diversity of its campaign, so it isn’t out of the question that they would do so for an advertisement.

The Trump campaign has not responded to request for comment.

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