Things We Didn't Learn From Tiffany Trump's New York Times Profile

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

The New York Timesprofile of Tiffany Trump and her purported increased visibility in her father’s presidential campaign going forward is rather blank.


I think this might be because:

“(Tiffany did not consent to be interviewed for this article, although she did pose for its photo shoot. Instead, the campaign delivered a list of approved contacts. Other family friends who were not on the list said they were instructed not to speak without authorization.)”


Certainly it can be said, at the very least, that Tiffany, 22, is a millennial, that she grew up in Los Angeles with her mother—Donald Trump’s second ex-wife, Marla Maples—and that she is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania.

It is not clear from the profile exactly how Tiffany will shed her “forgotten,” “B-list Trump” persona, and serve her father’s campaign, but Times reporter Alessandra Stanley speculates anyway that she will be used to appeal to millennials. As evidence, Stanley cites the recent renovation of Tiffany’s Instragram, removal of “party shots,” for instance, a known deterrent of young people.

Older sister Ivanka spoke to the Times for the article, published Saturday, about how great Tiffany is, with the specificity and warmth of a relative stranger:

“Tiffany has always been a very special person, very confident, very driven, always the hardest worker and not bashful about it… A lot of people are happy to get by without doing a lot of work, or work hard and pretend they don’t. She is proud of her work.”


Ditto for Tiffany’s father, “DJT,” whose emailed comment for the article is shorter and even more vague than most of his Twitter rants:

“Tiffany is a tremendous young woman with a big and beautiful heart. She was always a great student and a very popular person no matter where she went. I am incredibly proud of Tiffany and how well she has done. — DJT.”


The profile indicates a relative lack of interest in Tiffany on her father’s part, despite everyone interviewed claiming otherwise. For Instance, Tiffany’s mother, Maples, told the Times that Papa Trump would occasionally carry his youngest daughter about as he discussed business plans with electricians and carpenters, but that Tiffany was too young to remember.

Stanley also seems to have a totally unnecessary soft spot for Trump spawn, writing that, “Certainly, compared to some of their more dissipated, profligate peers in the top 0.01 percent, the Trump children are remarkably on message.” Hm.


In short, we don’t learn from the Times’ Tiffany Trump profile anything about 1. what her relationship with her father is really like 2. what she is really like 3. who her friends are and what her relationships with them are like 4. her hopes and dreams beyond applying to law school 5. what role, if any, she will in fact play in her father’s campaign.

However, readers will be pleased to receive further confirmation of what Tiffany Trump looks like, and an anecdote from an approved “friend” about how one time she flew coach and sat in a middle seat.

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“I had the blessing of raising her pretty much on my own,” Ms. Maples said.


I kind of want to call this shade but I don’t think it would pass muster in Shade Court..