Rejoice and be glad, for it is time for an update on The Slot’s favorite political commentator. Craig Mazin, Ted Cruz’s completely delightful college roommate, is back. Fuckin’ Craig. Love that guy.

Ted Cruz, as we all learned together this morning, fought passionately against the legalization of dildos during his time as the Solicitor General of Texas. Craig has thoughts!

My God. Craig.

In recent months, Mazin has continued to be relentlessly, single-mindedly devoted to trolling Ted Cruz, weighing in on every good news story about the candidate. About Ted Cruz possibly being the Zodiac Killer:

About Ted Cruz having affairs with five women:

And about the really wonderful choice presented to the GOP right now:

Which leads us to wonder: Ted Cruz must have surely noticed these tweets by now, right? At what point are these two former bunkmates going to have an uncomfortable phone call? We’re sure Mazin will keep us updated.

Mazin in 2013. Photo via Getty

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