There's Nothing Creepier Than This Cheerful Video of Trump's Face Getting Molded From Wax

Screenshot via Twitter.

In a time-honored American tradition, a stone-faced Madame Tussaud’s worker was recently shown delicately painting rosacea onto the bulbous jowls of our next president. The four extremely lifelike figures set to be completed by inauguration day may prove useful to President Trump, who is known to dislike sitting in meetings.


“Donald Trump is officially joining Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum as President-Elect of the United States!” a female voice chirps in the People magazine video, club music bouncing in the background. Isn’t this fun?!

“Trump is the first American president to already have a wax figure in place,” she notes. How odd, that!

In an interview with CBS Miami, coloring supervisor Verity Talbot said that “it’s really great” to get to do a wax figure of Donald Trump:

“We get to look through hundreds of pictures. He’s got so much going on, on his face, so many beautiful colors to pick out. It’s a really good one to do because there’s so much to look at and kind of get in there, whether it’s his hair or the coloring, he’s got a lot going on.”


I suppose they only get to use their puce-colored paints so often.

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