There Is No Conspiracy Theory John Kasich Could Point to That a Trump Adviser Doesn't Already Believe In

Ohio Governor John Kasich has swatted down claims from his party’s nominee that the election will be “rigged,” telling CBS This Morning: “Look, to say that elections are rigged and all these votes are stolen, that’s like saying we never landed on the moon, frankly. That’s how silly it is.” True! It is like saying that! Particularly because Trump advisor and demented conspiracy theorist Roger Stone actually doesn’t think we landed on the moon.

So, there goes that argument.

Progressive media watchdog Media Matters dug up some old tweets from Stone published in January 2013, when he contended that “whole moon shot thing a hoax. Video shot in a warehouse in NJ.”


Roger Stone has an ever-expanding list of theories, a number of which have made their way directly into Trump’s campaign—such as the theory that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or that Hillary Clinton has some kind of evil brain disease, or that Huma Abedin is a lesbian jihadist.

Listen, it’s the thought that counts, John!

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