The White House Is Hemorrhaging Staffers

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A new report from Brookings Institution senior fellow Kathryn Dunn Tenpas found that the Trump administration has the highest turnover rate in modern presidential history, coming in at a whopping 34 percent. This isn’t incredibly surprising, considering that a job in the current White House has all the trappings of a professional nightmare: insane boss, low morale, high pressure, a job description you likely aren’t qualified for, flies everywhere, no work/life balance, scheming coworkers, and the vague threat of prison time.

From Reince Priebus to Omarosa Manigault Newman to Sebastian Gorka, we have bid adieu to a great number of malicious clowns and alleged domestic abusers in the past year, as well as a much smaller number of vaguely qualified individuals. Trump’s turnover rate is twice as high as that of the Reagan administration, which previously held the modern turnover record, the New York Times reports.


“We have vacancies on top of vacancies,” Tenpas told the Times. “You have initial vacancies, you have people who left in the first year and now you have people who are leaving in the second year.” This does not, of course, include Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose planned ouster was reported in November, or (second) Chief of Staff John Kelly, who reportedly recently declared his willingness to resign over his handling of the Rob Porter allegations.

Indeed, at the rate we’re going, by this time next year the White House is going to be staffed by Arabella Kushner and a pile of Tic Tacs.

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