The West Wing's C.J. Cregg Crashed a White House Press Briefing

During a Friday White House press briefing, correspondents learned that Press Secretary Josh Ernest had been replaced with my main bitch Allison Janney/C.J. Cregg.


“Josh is out today, he has a, I believe it’s a root canal... Carol?” she said as she approached the podium like she owned it because she does. “Let’s be honest, I’m better at this than he is, anyway.”

“First, the president is still working on his jokes for the White House Correspondents Dinner. I don’t have any details on that other than he intends to be funny. Very funny. And second, it is Friday which means at half-past five I will be performing the Jackal in my office for anyone who is interested or remembers or cares.”

(This is the Jackal, by the way.)

Janney was really there with Mom producer Chuck Lorre to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic—the show deals with addiction—and to announce that ten citizens would be honored at the White House as Champions of Change for their work “preventing prescription drug abuse and heroin use and for increasing access to treatment and [for supporting] their fellow Americans in recovery.”

Her plug was followed by a reporter’s question: Who will President Bartlett support in the Democratic primary?

“I think you know the answer to that question,” she said.

Of course we do—it’s Cregg/Warren 2016.

Senior Editor, Jezebel


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