The Trump Administration Wants to Create the Department of Edulabor or Labucation or Some Shit

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The Trump administration has a brilliant (it’s not) idea to combine the Education Department and the Department of Labor into one, because who cares about jobs or school? Not, apparently, Donald Trump, who was given a job by his dad. Let’s just abolish the Labor and Education Departments and just all get jobs from our dads.


Politico reports that the proposal comes amid “a sweeping government overhaul,” prompted by Trump’s executive order to “eliminate unnecessary agencies, components of agencies, and agency programs, and to merge functions.” Isn’t it interesting how agencies that promote science and education are getting gutted, but Homeland Security and the military are expanding?

Now, as Office of Management and Budget head Mick Mulvaney considers the reorganization of the Education Department, two sources say the administration is hoping to gut it and combine it with the Department of Labor. That is some real Mick Mulvaney shit right there!

From Politico:

For example, the plan calls for redirecting funding for the Labor Department’s adult and dislocated worker programs into expanding Pell grants, run by the Education Department, for short-term training programs.

It also proposed sending H-1B visa fees that are currently used by the Labor Department for short-term job training programs to the Education Department to make competitive grants to “education and business partnerships” to boost high school science, technology engineering and math education.

EdWeek reports that the agency, pending Congressional approval, would be called the Department of Education and the Workforce. Another possibility, according to EdWeek, is that the Labor Department might move some of its programs to the Education Department:

The programs that would most likely get shifted to the Education Department include initiatives in the Employment and Training Agency that deal with workforce training for young people, including Job Corps and YouthBuild.


Education advocates are naturally skeptical of the idea, and believe it will fail, as have previous efforts to radically remake or gut the Education Department.

If it succeeds, however, here are some name options for the new hybrid department: Edulabor Department, Department of Labucation, or Department of Be Best.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.



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