The Trump Administration Said An Aircraft Carrier Was Headed Toward North Korea When It Was... Not

Image via AP Photo.
Image via AP Photo.
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Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • So, about that “armada” that Trump said he was sending to North Korea, a statement which escalated tensions in a situation that really did not need further escalation—the aircraft carrier in question actually wasn’t heading towards the Korean peninsula, but was instead 3,500 miles away. Now it’s heading towards the Korean peninsula, though. [New York Times, The Atlantic]
  • Trump administration aides “abruptly” postponed a meeting to decide whether or not to firmly fuck the earth and take the world’s largest economy out of the Paris Climate agreement. The meeting was supposed to be held today, as reports indicated that the “stay” camp seemed more likely to win out. [The Guardian]
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise call for an early national election this June, reportedly looking to increase her party’s hold on the country in anticipation of Brexit negotiations. The election had previously been scheduled for 2020, and this woman, at least, is not here for it. [The Washington Post]
  • Even Republicans are starting to feel weird about how much money Donald Trump is spending on his Mar-a-Lago trips. [The Hill]
  • Here’s a grim inside look at how Hillary Clinton’s concession speech came together, via Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. [The Cut]
  • Ted Cruz continues to be an unbelievable putz. [The Hill]

Here are some tweets that the president was allowed to publish:


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Theresa May undoubtedly wants to be voted out ASAP. The latest estimates for the cost of Brexit are climbing into to the range of somewhere between economically destabilizing and Germany after the Versailles Treaty of 1919.

I anticipate the leadership in the UK will be playing musical chairs for the next few years, as nobody wants to be the PM when the full-on hyperinflation/next great depression hits. Certainly May will have been long gone.