The Sexiest Thing About Justin Trudeau Is His Cabinet's Gender Parity

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On Wednesday, international hunk and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced his new cabinet—which, for the first time in the country’s history, is half female.


“Canada has never really had a gender-parity moment before, so it’s a big leap for us,” said Jonathan Malloy, an associate professor at Carleton University in an interview with NBC News. “Canadian politicians often talk about parity while running campaigns but it’s a big deal to actually do it.”

Huffington Post Canada reports that many of the new ministers are serving for the first time:

There are 18 first-time MPs appointed to the cabinet. Among them: Carla Qualtrough, a legally blind paralympian from Delta, B.C., who is the minister for sport and persons with disabilities; Ontario family doctor Jane Philpott, who is the new health minister; and Ottawa MP Catherine McKenna, who will be in charge of mitigating climate change as Canada’s new environment minister.

Trudeau is also expected to make each minister mandate letter—in other words, an outline of each position’s responsibilities—publicly available.

The prime minister’s liberalism (he is a self-proclaimed feminist and believes in ending tax breaks for the wealthy) is a marked change from his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who took active steps to make the country more conservative—he recently earned international headlines for attempting to ban the Muslim niqab.

In an interview with HuffPost Canada, newly-appointed democratic institutions minister Maryam Monsef (who is 30 years old, by the way) spoke about Trudeau’s effort at reaching parity.


“The more diverse your organization, your board, or, in this case, cabinet,” she said, “the more it reflects the realities of the population we are serving, and that can only be a good thing.”

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

There’s gender parity and there’s racial diversity, too.

Our defense minister is this utter badass, Harjit Singh Sajjan:

He’s anti-gang squad and has been deployed to Bosnia and Afghanistan four times!

Our veterans affairs minister is a disabled man, Kent Hehr.

Most wonderful, though, I think, after ten years of blatantly fanatical anti-science behaviour by Harper, is our environment minister, Kirsty Duncan: AN ACTUAL SCIENTIST!

Who said:

“Try as the federal government may — by cutting climate programs and research, and muzzling its scientists — the science of climate change simply will not go away, nor will the recognition of the economic impacts of warming, the growing chorus of countries taking action to combat climate change and the competitive advantage that can come from transitioning to a green economy.”

“Climate change is real, it is an issue of today, not tomorrow, and serious impacts are associated with the 2 o C-stabilization target, including an increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, and rising sea levels.”

“Science has told us over and over what we need to do to limit climate warming to a maximum of 2° C, and what the risks of failing to do so might be. It is now the job of politicians to end Canadians’ pessimism, and to translate science into policy and action.”

There’s so much to be excited about in the new cabinet.

I had my doubts about Trudeau, but this is looking really good.

Remains to be seen what he does with TPP, though. He’s been waffling about that. Need something concrete.