The Sanders Campaign Is Firing Staffers in States Where Primaries Have Passed

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The Bernie Sanders campaign is reportedly laying off “hundreds” of staffers who were working in states that have already voted in the primaries. The news is potentially a sign that Bernie and company are preparing for defeat or that they don’t want to keep people on payroll unless needed.


The report comes from Politico, who spoke with the campaign’s communications director. He explained the move as a usual occurrence in the campaign process and not one that necessarily hints at a loss.

“Wer’e 80 percent of the way through the caucuses and primaries and we make adjustments as we go along. This is a process that we’ve done before of right-sizing the campaign as we move through the calendar,” said Sanders’ campaign communications director Michael Briggs.

“We don’t need people right now in Connecticut,” Sanders told The New York Times. “That election is over. We don’t need them in Maryland. So what we are going to do is allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remain, and that means that we are going to be cutting back on staff.”

Some are suggesting that Sanders is now trying to exert influence over the democratic platform in 2016 rather than actually win the election, which may explain the layoffs.

Or not. Who knows. Primaries in Indiana and California are still ahead for Hillary and Bernie because this misery is never going to end.

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He’s not moving staffers because he doesn’t need a ground game going forward - this is no longer a delegate fight, it’s a message fight, and he can more effectively concentrate his cash in a push to get as much visibility as possible. This makes a lot of sense if he’s abandoning his attempt to get the nomination and is focusing his energy on publicity.

Now, if he could stop being a dick about Hillary, that would be great.