The President Reportedly Still Dicks Around Most of the Day

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How does human pumpkin Donald Trump spend his days? We already know that he doesn’t read or bother with intelligence briefings, which must leave him with plenty of downtime each day. But for what, exactly?

While the world continues to burn, Trump continues to schedule hours of “executive time.” Last Tuesday, he had nine hours of this unstructured time on his daily schedule and only three hours of “the daily work of being president,” Politico reports. He is as free as ever to tweet racist conspiracy theories and gab with friends, probably about racist conspiracy theories.


From Politico:

“There was always this tug and pull early in the administration when Priebus was there because if there were too many things on his schedule, he would complain. But if there were too few things on his schedule, the senior staff would complain because he would be left to his own devices and spend more time watching TV or calling people on the phone or calling in advisers unscheduled to the Oval Office,” said a former White House aide familiar with the evolution of his schedule and the president’s gripes about it.

What is unclear is how much thinking and working actually takes places in these off-hours despite the protestations of some Trump aides — as opposed to tweeting, television-watching, and gossiping and venting with friends and allies by telephone.


This is very much consistent with the borderline illiterate man who I see yelling on television. In a weird way, it might actually be more unsettling to learn that he was somehow a secret genius who spent his days poring over academic texts and solving complex math equations. Donald Trump is but a simple man.

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