The New York Times Let Jared Kushner Write An Op-Ed About Campus Anti-Semites

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Jared KushnerPresident Trump’s senior advisor, son-in-law, and ideal person to cite whenever he’s accused of being anti-Semitic—wrote an op-ed in the New York Times on Wednesday, lauding Trump’s executive order that allows the government to recognize Judaism as both a race or nationality as well as a religion. While the administration is dressing this up as tackling anti-Semitism, it mostly makes it easier for the Department of Education to crack down on anti-Israel movements on college campuses.


From Kushner’s op-ed:

Anti-Semites have grown increasingly brazen in claiming that attacks on Israel — and even on Jewish students who may or may not support Israel — are not anti-Semitic. It has become fashionable among Jew haters to characterize any discriminatory behavior — no matter how loathsome — not as criticism of Jews, but of Israel. This is a lie. Especially on college campuses, where discrimination, harassment and intimidation of Jewish students has become commonplace and is routinely, but wrongly, justified.


Of course, if you’re Jewish and are opposed to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and other regressive policies, you do not exist in Kushner’s universe.

It goes without saying that anti-semitism is alive and well. There was a targeted attack on a Kosher deli in Jersey City on Tuesday that left entire neighborhoods on lockdown. But the fact that Kushner is painting those who are critical of Israel with the broad brush of anti-semitism is absurd. Unfortunately, it works!

Oh, did you happen to catch the latest edition of Pete Buttigieg being absolutely insufferable? Well, here he is on Tuesday night’s episode of the Rachel Maddow Show, in health insurance industry apologist mode as usual:


Can’t wait for more McKinsey client drama to do its thing!

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Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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See, I think the real anti-Semites are the evangelical Christians who support Israel only so all the Jews can return there, thus kickstarting Armageddon, in which the Jews will have only two options: convert to Christianity, OR FUCKING DIE.