The Daily Show Explains How the Speaker of the House Race Is Just Like Playboy

Illustration for article titled The iDaily Show /iExplains How the Speaker of the House Race Is Just Like iPlayboy /i

Apparently, conservative activists have decided that Paul Ryan, of all people, just isn’t conservative enough for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Looking for a little context on why? The Daily Show explains that he got “Playboy’d.”


In other words, impressionable young conservatives have gotten hooked on the wild and crazy extreme stuff out there on the Internet, and they’ve ruined themselves for the mundane realities of the real world so thoroughly that Paul Ryan just won’t cut it anymore. By the time Jessica Williams gets to the “they both wanna let guys shoot wherever they want” part of her argument, you’ll be convinced.


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Guys, I know this might be the wrong place to share this, but....

She’s so. pretty.

I know, I know. She’s really intelligent, and funny, and really good at her job, and has so many qualities that are way more important than her facial features. But every time I watch her do a segment I’m just hypnotized by how damn pretty she is. Like when Lupita does, well... just about anything. She mesmerizes me too. #revokemyfeministcardnow