The Benghazi Hearing Has Jumpstarted Hillary Clinton's Campaign Donations

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On Thursday, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earned a hard-won victory: She survived an 11-hour Congressional hearing in which numerous men shouted at her, and she came away looking unbothered. Unflappable, even. Now financial donors are coming out of the woodwork to support her.


In the hour following the higly-GIFed, already infamous inquiry into Clinton’s involvement in Benghazi, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s campaign officials confirmed that it was their most lucrative fundraising time yet, according to the Washington Post. No new donation requests went out from Clinton’s camp, but money came pouring in anyway—and plenty of the donations were from people who had never contributed to her campaign before.

As my colleague Anna wrote eloquently today, and I’ll reiterate here, the men grilling Clinton yesterday generally looked like blowhards of a different time. Hearings like the show we witnessed yesterday seem hellbent on “putting women in their place,” but so far, all that’s happened is that Clinton’s gained a noteworthy amount of fresh social and financial support.


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