The 2020 Republican Party Presidential Platform Condemns the 'Current President'

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In the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election, the Republican Party has decided to reuse the platform it adopted during the 2016 election. Like, the exact same platform. In fact, the Republican National Committee didn’t even bother to remove all of the negative references to the “current” President and administration—which in 2016, of course, was referencing Barack Obama.

So now, the language used to malign Obama is now, unintentionally, being applied to Trump. And, unsurprisingly, the shoe fits.

“The survival of the internet as we know it is at risk,” the platform reads. “Its gravest peril originates in the White House, the current occupant of which has launched a campaign, both at home and internationally, to subjugate it to agents of government.”


I mean..... considering how, even during his fourth year in office, Trump’s tweets are still a regular (and harmful) part of the news cycle, I don’t see any lies. But I can’t imagine that the Republican Party intended to release a platform that even accidentally condemned Trump and his administration. Remember folks, it can’t hurt to double-check your work.

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The GOP’s late-stage capitalism aesthetic really just hits different.

Oh, BTW, congrats Mayor Florida Man for landing this political cesspool!  Jacksonville’s city motto may as well be: “Jacksonville.  The Florida of Florida.”