Texas Official Goes Ahead and Calls Hillary Clinton a 'Cunt' on Twitter

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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, in a desperate, garbled shriek for the old world order, called a United States Democratic presidential candidate a “cunt” today on Twitter before deleting the tweet. His office briefly tried to claim he was hacked, then settled on the old “bad retweet” argument.

Screenshot via mysanantonio.com

Dallas News reports that agency spokesman Mark Loeffler originally alleged that Miller’s Twitter account was hacked—Miller also tweeted and deleted this claim—which seemed dubious at the time, considering Miller’s relatively low-profile status and the fact that he publishes extremely dumb election-related tweets fairly regularly.

Loeffler eventually claimed that the campaign “inadvertently retweeted a tweet that they were not aware contained a derogatory term.”


From Dallas News:

Asked why he said the account had been hacked before confirming that was the case, Loeffler chalked it up to internal miscommunication.

“I think that was the information that we thought at the time,” Loeffler said. “Once we got everybody in the room at the same time, we found out they had been copying and pasting these tweets and just were not paying these tweets and just were not paying enough close attention to what we were pasting.”


Copying and pasting, for what it’s worth, is not the same as retweeting! Chances seem high that Miller’s team has not been made aware of this, or of any other social progress that’s taken place since the early 20th century.

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