Weiner in 2013 after conceding the mayoral race. Photo via AP
Weiner in 2013 after conceding the mayoral race. Photo via AP

Buzzfeed News has interviewed the teenage girl who reportedly received sexts from Anthony Weiner, which the FBI was investigating when they came across emails that reopened an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The teen expressed anger and frustration at FBI director James Comey and worried that her communications with Weiner would “take down the United States presidential election.” Honey, you are really, really not the problem.


The teen and her father were interviewed by Buzzfeed News, their first interview since a Daily Mail exclusive in September about the sexts between Weiner and the girl. She told reporter David Mack the FBI is instructing her not to talk to the media, which she’s evidently disregarding:

“The FBI asked for me to speak to the media as little as possible. I have tried to stay quiet, but Comey has upset me,” the teenager told BuzzFeed News. “The last thing that I wanted was to have this become political propaganda.”


Both the girl and her father say they were interviewed by the FBI on Friday of last week, but weren’t informed that Comey was about to announce that emails had been discovered on Weiner’s laptop that would relaunch the Clinton investigation. The girl also told Buzzfeed she was worried that her “frailties,” as she put it, would impact the presidential race:

The teenage girl says the past few days have left her feeling “confused.”

“I was having self esteem issues when this whole thing started with Anthony Weiner,” the teenager said. “Now as a result of my frailty, this could take down the United States presidential election. I mean, come on, who’s in charge of America?”

The teen’s father told Buzzfeed he’d voted early for Clinton but regretted it, adding, “With the recent developments with my daughter, I can say that I would likely not have voted for either of these clowns if I had it to do over again.”

Weiner deleted his Twitter account and has remained virtually hidden since his latest bout of dick-related woes: CPS reportedly opened an investigation into his conduct back in September, after images of him in his boxers with a visible erection next to his toddler son were printed in the New York Post. Weiner sent those images to an adult woman; three weeks later, the Daily Mail reported the communications he’d had with the teenager, who was 15 when they began exchanging DMs.


The FBI is, according to the Wall Street Journal, engaged in a pretty wild internal feud over whether it was appropriate to re-open the Clinton email probe and for Comey to splashily go public with it. The roughly 650,000 emails will take months to review. A WSJ source claims they were discovered while FBI agents were looking for child pornography, but the warrant “didn’t give them authority to search for matters related to Mrs. Clinton’s email arrangement at the State Department.”

Anna Merlan was a Senior Reporter at G/O Media until September 2019. She's the author of Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power.

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