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In a bizarre, blindingly fast revolving-door situation, Rick Tyler, the Ted Cruz campaign spokesperson who was fired Monday for lying about how Marco Rubio feels about the Bible is now a “political contributor” for MSNBC, appearing for the first time Friday afternoon. Who...who asked for this?


Tyler was asked to resign from Cruz’s campaign after sending out an incorrectly subtitled video of Cruz and his dad reading the Bible; it claimed Rubio walked by and said, “Got a good book there, not many answers in it.” He didn’t say that.

Then Tyler announced you can now see him on an avowedly liberal network, which, all right:


Tyler’s first appearance on MSNBC focused mostly on his own firing: “I made a judgment error. I apologized for it,” he said.”

“It seems to me in some ways you were the victim of—we have this fast news cycle,” Todd said, asking if Tyler felt like he basically got caught up in “a social media firestorm.”

“A little bit,” Tyler said. “I’m not mad about it.”

Well, great. It’s good not to be mad about getting fired for the thing you did wrong. Then Tyler and Todd evaluated Cruz’s chances of winning on Super Tuesday; Tyler said Cruz has “a path to victory,” which does seem like a thing he would say.


“We’ll be seeing you a lot over the next couple months,” Todd said. Oh.

Watch Rick Tyler on MSNBC, we guess?

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