Ted Cruz Gets Trolled by Pro-Pony Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme

On Monday evening, the Independent Journal captured a video of pro-pony presidential candidate Vermin Supreme asking Ted Cruz the hard questions through a bullhorn.

“Ted Cruz, do you agree that the waterboarding water should be fluoridated?” Mr. Supreme asked. “Shouldn’t we at least fluoridate the water that we use to waterboard the bad people with?”


“Surrender, Ted Cruz, surrender. We have you surrounded. You must surrender immediately. Put your hands in the air and drop your pants for your safety, thank you. Mr. Cruz, why do you hate America? Sir, why do you hate America?”

Mr. Supreme later confronted a security guard about how a member of Cruz’s posse was “touching me without my permission,” before Cruz boarded his campaign bus.

It remains unclear whether Cruz will answer Mr. Supreme’s questions.

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