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Sinclair Broadcasting Corp., a right-wing propaganda machine that has become the largest broadcast company in the U.S., is now forcing local TV anchors to read something the company has termed “anchor delivered journalistic responsibility messages”—messages that deride the “false news” in the “national media” and frame Sinclair-owned TV stations as unbiased guardians of the truth.

CNN spoke to anchors who shared their discomfort with the messages, which are set to begin airing later in March. “I felt like a POW recording a message,” one anchor told CNN.


However, according to documents obtained by CNN, the company is going to great lengths to appear as though they are not injecting American homes with MAGA propaganda:

“Talent should dress in jewel tones — however they should not look political in their dress or attire,” one of the documents says. “Avoid total red, blue and purples dresses and suits. Avoid totally red, blue and purple ties, the goal is to look apolitical, neutral, nonpartisan yet professional. Black or charcoal suits for men...females should wear yellow, gold, magenta, cyan, but avoid red, blue or purple.”

Clothing choices aside, Sinclair has pushed weird pro-Trump segments from former White House staffer Boris Epshteyn on local news desks; along with “must-run” content about popular conservative fury points, like something called a “Terrorism Alert Desk.” Pending approval from the Sinclair-aligned FCC is a $4 billion merger between Sinclair and Tribune Media, which would pour Sinclair messaging into three-quarters of American households.

Everything’s fine!

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