The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton will make an appearance on tomorrow’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Though Clinton’s camp wouldn’t confirm the appearance, it looks like she will appear alongside Kate McKinnon who has been deftly portraying the Democratic candidate throughout the last year.

According to the Times, Clinton turned down the keynote address to the Human Rights Campaign, a powerful LGTBQ lobbying group, in order to make her second appearance on the show. Clinton appeared on a 2008 episode alongside Amy Poehler. The Times reports that in the cold open sketch, Clinton “would likely poke fun at herself for trying to appear more authentic while carefully plotting her path to the presidency.”

It sounds like part of the recent Hillary Clinton rehabilitation tour which, thus far, has included learning the nae nae and gabbing with Lena Dunham. Ah, to live in a world where wealthy candidates for national office weren’t asked to awkwardly perform accessibility.

Image via Getty.