Stormy Daniels Regrets 'Body Shaming' Donald Trump, Who Has a 'Mushroom' Dick

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Stormy Daniels, a woman brave enough to speak publicly about the unspeakable act of having sexual intercourse with Donald Trump, now feels bad that she described the president’s Lil’ Smokey as “the mushroom character” in Mario Kart.

In a segment on 60 Minutes Australia, Daniels expressed regret about how she spoke about Trump’s Vienna sausage. “In a way, it’s body shaming and I feel like If I could go back and write the book [again], I think I would’ve left those details out,” she said.

Though the White House has maintained that the affair never happened, Daniels brings up an excellent point: why on earth would she lie about having sex with Donald Trump, a man whose cavities look like they smell of fromage?

“If I was going to lie about having sex with someone famous—Brad Pitt, here we go. I would pick someone way less embarrassing than Donald Trump,” she said. 

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