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Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, Republican leaders continue to feel pretty sure that we don’t need legislation protecting the Special Council. “I just don’t think it’s necessary,” Mitch McConnell said, after defending the Special Counsel. “I don’t think Bob Mueller is going anywhere.” [Politico]
  • Trump called Putin today to congratulate the autocrat on his electoral “win.” Fun, love that. How do we think that convo went? Please submit your transcripts below. [New York Times]
  • Former Playboy model Karen McDougal has sued to be released from a contract requiring her to remain silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. [New York Times]
  • Cynthia Nixon, newly-announced progressive challenger to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, came out hard in her first campaign appearance today. “Andrew Cuomo promised to clean up Albany, but instead he and his cronies have cleaned up for themselves,” she said. “There is a reason that people close to Andrew Cuomo keep winding up under indictment for corruption.” [USA Today]
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has lately made extensive efforts to appeal to the progressive wing of the Democratic party, has made the profoundly befuddling decision to endorse Cuomo. [NYDN]
  • Cuomo supporter Christine Quinn, meanwhile, has called Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.” [EW]
  • Here’s Charlotte Pence defending her terrible father on The View! [YouTube]

Here are some tweets the President was allowed to publish:

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Email in full from FOX news contributor who just quit to his colleagues. He was no saint but truth is good medicine. (Thanks to WTFJHT).

His former hardline positions against progressives may make this even more potent.

On March 1st, I informed Fox that I would not renew my contract. The purpose of this message to all of you is twofold:

First, I must thank each of you for the cooperation and support you’ve shown me over the years. Those working off-camera, the bookers and producers, don’t often get the recognition you deserve, but I want you to know that I have always appreciated the challenges you face and the skill with which you master them.

Second, I feel compelled to explain why I have to leave. Four decades ago, I took an oath as a newly commissioned officer. I swore to “support and defend the Constitution,” and that oath did not expire when I took off my uniform. Today, I feel that Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers. Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association. Now I am ashamed.

In my view, Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration. When prime-time hosts—who have never served our country in any capacity—dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller—all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of “deep-state” machinations— I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove. To me, Fox News is now wittingly harming our system of government for profit.

As a Russia analyst for many years, it also has appalled me that hosts who made their reputations as super-patriots and who, justifiably, savaged President Obama for his duplicitous folly with Putin, now advance Putin’s agenda by making light of Russian penetration of our elections and the Trump campaign. Despite increasingly pathetic denials, it turns out that the “nothing-burger” has been covered with Russian dressing all along. And by the way: As an intelligence professional, I can tell you that the Steele dossier rings true—that’s how the Russians do things.. The result is that we have an American president who is terrified of his counterpart in Moscow.

I do not apply the above criticisms in full to Fox Business, where numerous hosts retain a respect for facts and maintain a measure of integrity (nor is every host at Fox News a propaganda mouthpiece—some have shown courage). I have enjoyed and valued my relationship with Fox Business, and I will miss a number of hosts and staff members. You’re the grown-ups.

Also, I deeply respect the hard-news reporters at Fox, who continue to do their best as talented professionals in a poisoned environment. These are some of the best men and women in the business..

So, to all of you: Thanks, and, as our president’s favorite world leader would say, “Das vidanya.”

Bold and italics jinni’s.