Steve Mnuchin Actually Doesn't Give a Shit About the Eclipse Because He's a New Yorker

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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a villainous Wall Street muppet from a 1980s Jim Henson film, continues to draw criticism for his use of a government plane to fly to Fort Knox, Kentucky on a trip that included a viewing of the solar eclipse.

Fort Knox just happened to be right near the eclipse’s path of totality, and Mnuchin just happened to be there while the moon was going in front of the sun, but there was nothing wasteful or corrupt or weird at all about this trip, Mnuchin insists, despite the fact that he also reportedly requested use of a government plane for his honeymoon. In fact, the Treasury Secretary doesn’t care for the wonders of space, or things that take place outside in general, because he is, as you may have heard, a coastal globalist who prefers lox and yelling loudly on his cell phone.


“People in Kentucky took this stuff very seriously. Being a New Yorker, I don’t have any interest in watching the eclipse,” Mnuchin told the Washington Post.


Good one, Steve!

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