Some Words From Trump's Declaration of 'African-American Music Appreciation Month'

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Donald Trump, lover of music and all of the arts, hereby declares that June is “African-American Music Appreciation Month.”


I would now like to share some of the words that appeared in the White House announcement. Here, as an appendix of sorts, we have:


elicit comfort, healing, happiness, conviction, and inspiration

freedom, justice, love, and the pursuit of happiness

jazz quartets

rock and roll guitar solos

gospel choirs

hip-hop beats

being an “American.”

Etta James

Whitney Houston

Etta James

Etta James

hum it

whistle it

sing it

blended tunes

hard-to-hit notes

contagious rhythm

fills our airways [sic]


sky is the limit.

Clearly, no one cherishes African-American music more than Donald Trump, and now we will have an opportunity to reflect on that every June.

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