Meet 'Big Daddy' and 'Mama'

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Donald Trump Jr. and Kim Guilfoyle were in Louisiana this weekend to support Attorney General Jeff Landry and also to reveal intimate and cursed details of their relationship while speaking in public.

As we know, Guilfoyle loves to call her man Junior Mint. What we didn’t know is that there’s another nickname in the rotation: “Big Daddy.”

At the one minute and nine seconds mark of this video taken by a spectator at the gator-hunting affair, we see Guilfoyle grab the mic from Trump Jr., saying, “Move over, big daddy!”


Then, to deepen the nightmare, she says: “Mama’s here.”

Then, in what I can only imagine is an attempt to sound folksy, Guilfoyle tells the crowd how nice it is to get out of New York City, where a lot of “haters” reside.

Mama. Don Jr. Big Daddy. Big Daddy Don. Mamma Daddy. Daddy Big. Don. Help me.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Ashley Reese

If Kimberly and Don Jr ever want to leave NYC, relocating to a swamp is always an option!