Some Important Takeaways From the Westchester Magazine Profile of Eric and Lara Trump

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In a glowing profile titled “First, Family,” Westchester Magazine interviewed Eric and Lara Trump about “their cherished life in Westchester,” tactfully skipping over questions about, say, Eric’s father’s policy of forcibly separating immigrant children from their parents at the border in favor of listing the couple’s favorite grocery stores. Revelations abound.


Below are some crucial takeaways from Westchester Magazine’s reporting.

Despite what you may think based on what you have seen in photographs, Eric Trump is not unattractive.

Not only handsomer in person than in pictures, Eric is tall, even taller than his father.


Tiffany Trump, 24, should not be considered an adult.

That said, he insists that he, Ivanka and Donald Jr. are fair game but that 12-year-old Barron and 24-year-old Tiffany are not. “We are adults; we’ve developed a bit of an armor,” he says, “but Barron and Tiffany should be 100 percent off-limits.”

Family matters to Eric Trump.

When Eric says, “Family is what matters to me,” one can easily detect the sincerity.


Eric Trump is good with dogs, and therefore, children.

“Eric is a great dad,” Lara says, “and I always knew he would be because — I know it may sound crazy — but I saw how he was with our dogs and how much he cared about them.”


Westchester, a wealthy county in New York, had a big influence on Eric Trump.

“Westchester had a major impact on my life,” Eric says. “I went to school in the city, but I was in Westchester on the weekends and over the summers. It was my place to go to get away from everything.”


Lara Trump fell off a horse and broke both wrists before her wedding and then pretended she didn’t.

“I don’t think anyone could really tell she was injured,” Eric says. “You couldn’t have told me that day that I had broken wrists,” Lara adds. “We had the best wedding ever.”


Lara Trump is kind of intense!

Last year, she completed that race while pregnant, a fact that prompts Eric to affectionately point out that “she is nutty,” adding that, technically, he’s the only one of his three-member family who hasn’t completed a triathlon.


Again, Westchester is really more of a state of mind.

“I love the idea of raising our son, or hopefully our children, in a place like Westchester. Great people, great schools, so many activities,” Lara says before Eric adds: “When we think of home, we think of Westchester.”


Congratulations to the people of Westchester.

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Not only handsomer in person than in pictures, Eric is tall, even taller than his father.