Image via screenshot/KVAL.

An Oregon man by the name of Billy Pitner hung an effigy of Hillary Clinton on a crane, alongside several signs that read “Vote Trump,” “Uranium One,” and “Treason? Ask Her.” The figure is dressed in a blonde wig and a pink bra.

KVAL reported on Monday that Pitner declined to remove the effigy, despite requests from a local priest, and plans to change the signs daily. It seems reasonable to guess, based on recent news coverage, that the next one will read: “SHE’S BRAINDEAD!!!!!!!!!!! PNEUMONIA.”


Here’s Billy, in case you were wondering:

Conservatives—mostly men—have been vaguely and not-so-vaguely dreaming of Clinton’s death for a while now, as TPM points out, from InfoWars’ Alex Jones declaring himself “in ecstasy” over her pneumonia diagnosis (“Yes, I’ve been containing a Cheshire cat grin all day long”) to a West Virginia lawmaker calling for Clinton to be “hung” over her use of a private email server. Ted Nugent would also like to see her dead, as would Trump advisor Al Baldasaro, who insisted she be “shot in a firing squad for treason.”


I’m exhausted, personally. You?