So, Uh, Is Trump Going to Do Anything About the Opioid Crisis He Campaigned On?

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Crazy that it’s been 16 years since Britney and Christina came together for America.


Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • The opioid epidemic is an ongoing disaster that’s now reported to be killing around 142 Americans every day. It’s hard to keep track of disasters these days, but yes, this is still happening, and still very bad. So what’s being done about it, you ask? Not very much, despite Trump’s stirring campaign promise to “stop it.” After calling the opioid crisis “a national emergency” and “a serious problem the likes of which we have never had” in early August, the White House is reportedly scrambling to keep up with the president’s announcement while also trying to figure out how to fund relief for the multiple other billion dollar disasters that have ravaged Texas and Florida. On Monday, a group of 10 Democratic senators wrote to Trump requesting an explanation for the holdup in action. “Your lack of action… causes us to question your commitment to ending the opioid use disorder and overdose crisis,” they wrote. [New York Times, USA Today]
  • Trump’s Justice Department is now supporting Joe Arpaio’s bid to get his conviction dismissed. Joe Arpaio, in case you need a reminder, used to proudly run what he himself called a “concentration camp.” [BuzzFeed]
  • Here’s a Trump administration official spouting some fresh bullshit about “cyclical hurricanes.” [The Hill]
  • Hiram Monserrate, a former New York City councilman and state senator who was convicted of slashing his girlfriend in the face and plead guilty in 2012 to misappropriating city funds, is running for local office again. [New York Times]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

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So, Uh, Is Trump Going to Do Anything About the Opioid Crisis He Campaigned On? 

what makes you think he won’t?

he built a wall, stopped isis and repealed obamacare didn’t he?