So There's a #YangGang Song and Dance Now

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Andrew Yang, the meme king of the 2020 election cycle, has amassed a fan base of universal basic income evangelists, college kids, 4chan assholes, and maybe like four Democrats. But a new video by a rapper named Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs has taken Yang’s reputation as Gen Z internet fodder to the next level.


Paperboy Prince, someone who I had never heard of until 30 minutes ago, released a song called “Yang Gang Anthem.” The song starts off with “Yang, what up” so you know it’s good.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Thousand dollars, Yang Gang

Healthcare, Yang Gang

Helping people, Yang Gang

Eating pizza, Yang Gang


Businessman, Yang Gang

This for all the teachers, Yang Gang

Robots, Yang Gang

Freedom Dividend, Yang Gang

Yang’s Freedom Dividend proposal would allot $1,000 each month to every American adult. Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs appears to be a fan. He even made a dance to solidify his support for Yang:


Election day is 551 days away, folks!

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Election day is 551 days away, folks!

come on, now, ashley - you didn’t have to do that to us

have some mercy