So Much Bad at Once: It's Our Senate Confirmation Hearings Liveblog

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What a day! What a marvelous day! Republicans initially scheduled five hearings for one day—this day—despite the notable absence of standard ethics paperwork, but eventually bowed to pressure and delayed those of Betsy DeVos and Mike Pompeo. Now there are three, which is still a lot to pay attention to at once! I wonder why Republican leadership planned it that way?

We’ll be watching the second round of Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing, which should include historic testimony from Senate colleague Cory Booker along with Rep. John Lewis and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. We’ll also be watching Rex Tillerson’s hearing for Secretary of State, which is, uh, timely, and peek in on Elaine Chao’s hearing for Transportation Secretary.


Please join us in this day of nonstop fun and laughs.

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