Should Hillary Clinton's VP Be a Dog?

Images via Getty and Shutterstock.
Images via Getty and Shutterstock.

As the world waits for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to announce her running mate, Jezebel has been thinking, hard. And we have a great idea.


What if Clinton passes over Sen. Tim Kaine, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Corey Booker—all human politicians with human flaws—and opts for something a little more... rebarkable?

What if Clinton added a dog to her ticket? Picture this:

  • Hillary Clinton/Corey Barker
  • Hillary Clinton/Tim Kanine
  • Hillary Clinton/Julian Catstro (in this case, that would be a cat)
  • Hillary Clinton/Elizabark Rawren (a dog and a lion)

Think about it. Can a man do this?

Yes, but it’s not as funny.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Kate Dries

I can’t endorse this.