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Hillary Clinton is not going to be president in 2020, because she is not running, she said definitively on Monday night. Here’s proof that she said it, lest she try to reverse course later. NO TAKE BACKS!


“I’m not running, but I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe,” she told News 12 The Bronx.


In the same breath, she also promised (or threatened, depending on your perspective) viewers that this doesn’t mean she’s going to quietly retreat from the public eye.

“I want to be sure that people understand I’m going to keep speaking out. I’m not going anywhere. What’s at stake in our country, the kinds of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me. We’ve just gotten not just polarized, we’ve gotten into really opposing camps unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my adult life.”

Clinton has been spending her time counseling all several hundred Democratic candidates, though it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to take advice from someone who ran a famously uninspired campaign. That said, her disastrous loss definitely afforded her a few pearls of wisdom, which she has been happy to pass on.

“I’ve told every one of them, don’t take anything for granted,” she said. Groundbreaking, truly. Why wasn’t there anyone around to tell her that?

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Hey Lauren, I just want to chime in along with everyone else and let you know this is a really shitty post. Like, colossally shitty. I don’t even have any snark for you. Clinton won the popular vote, she was profoundly qualified, and she got shat on for being a woman who knows how to get shit done in a world dominated by shitty men. It took a combination of Russian fuckery, a decades-long propaganda campaign from the right, possible vote shenanigans, and Democrats feeling like being “inspired” is more important than “not having Donald fucking Trump in the White House for four years” to beat her, and even then, it was only about 70,000 votes that did it. She was not perfect, and neither is any candidate, but her loss in the election is more a reflection of what this country is than it is a reflection of her as a person. Your post here is more a reflection of what this country is than it is a reflection of her as a person. We suck, and we’re all too willing to kick someone when they’re down, because they’re “not likeable,” and “shrill,” and most importantly, it’ll get some clicks.

Personally, I’m glad she’s not running again for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that she probably realizes the best way for this country to move on from 2016 is not to relive it. If more 2016 candidates followed that lead, we’d be better off.