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Barf BagWelcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.

Happy Monday from monster Don Jr. and his monster truck:

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • After much speculation that she might not make the cut off in an absurdly cramped Democratic primary field, it seems that New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has met the 65,000-donor threshold to appear in the televised June primary debates. [New York Post]
  • On Friday, the same day that the White House honored veterans on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Government Accountability Office found that the Trump administration violated its own rules by deporting former service members, and immigration officials have no idea how many veterans they deported. It could be as many as 2,000. [Washington Post]
  • Elaine Chao reportedly used her position as Transportation Department Secretary to prioritize grants and funding that would benefit Kentucky as her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell, was preparing his re-election campaign. [Politico]
  • Four H1-B visa holders are suing the Trump administration for delaying work applications. [Quartz India]
  • Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham has died. He was 64. [Politico]
  • Andy Cohen and Andrew Cuomo co-wrote an op-ed on BuzzFeed News about New York laws that continue to discriminate against LGBTQ people. [BuzzFeed News]
  • Julian Castro has a plan to tackle lead poisoning. [BuzzFeed News]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


This has been Barf Bag.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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...immigration officials have no idea how many veterans they deported.

WHY NOT?!? How does this work, do they just round them up in batches, stuff them in a U-Haul, and just drive them over the border and say “bye, y’all, have fun walking to the next town”? How can the government not know who they freaking deported?

Edit: Yeah, improper screening. Oh, whoops, sorry, we were so eager to be evil that we didn’t actually do our paperwork correctly.