Sheryl Sandberg Rumored to be in Talks to Serve as Hillary Clinton's Treasury Secretary

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Sheryl Sandberg, everyone’s favorite purveyor of corporate feminism, is rumored to be in talks with Hillary Clinton about serving as the next Treasury Secretary. The rumor isn’t exactly new, but Sandberg has long denied that she would leave Silicon Valley and return to politics (the Facebook COO used to be an advisor to former treasury secretary, Lawrence Summers). But according to Politico’s Morning Money, there’s been a shift in Sandberg’s feeling about the potential appointment:

Early speculation held that...Sheryl Sandberg probably wouldn’t leave California to return to DC to serve as Treasury Secretary in a Clinton administration. That’s changed lately as MM hears more and more that she could return to be the first woman to lead Treasury.


Politico notes that Sandberg’s appointment is likely to be controversial among the left, which seems like an understatement. In June, Clinton announced a set of proposals that would give startup founders student loan deferrals for up to three years with no accrued interest. Critics of the plan argued that it would disproportionately benefit the wealthy and pointed to her criticism of Bernie Sanders’ free college tuition plan during the Democratic primary.

Clinton has always been close to Silicon Valley—some argue too close—and Sandberg has been a vocal supporter of the Democratic nominee. Sandberg endorsed Clinton in June, writing that her “support for Hillary is not because she is a woman. It is because she is the most qualified candidate—and she is the leader we need.”

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Sandberg is the poster girl for “feminism” for rich white women with trust funds and nannies. Like I’m not surprised, but it’s kind of a bummer.