Seth Meyers Rips 'Hateful and Discriminatory' Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills

On Thursday evening, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the anti-trans bathroom bills that recently passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. In case you hadn’t realized, both bills are both bad and stupid.


“There are any number of problems with these laws,” Meyers says in the clip, “and aside from the fact that they’re hateful and discriminatory, they’re also unenforceable.”

“When asked how they would enforce North Carolina law, spokesman for one local police department said, ‘So that means people have to go to the bathroom with birth certificates? Yeah, that was curious to me.’ And another said, ‘We don’t have police officers sitting at public bathrooms all day long.’”


Meyers also mentions that Ted Cruz has taken to the campaign trail to insist that even if Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he should not be allowed to use the women’s bathroom (a joke that is both transphobic and topical).

Meyers counters: “Oh sure, but if a lizard dresses up in a suit, he can run for president. I see how it works.”

Watch the clip above.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Mr.Noir, Liberal Hippie King

God I hate Ted Cruz and his smug resting-derp face.