Senator Susan Collins Is Getting a Ton of Coat Hangers at Her Office Right Now

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Senator Susan Collins is receiving a loud and clear message about the potential Supreme Court nominees she should and should not support, with pro-choice advocates having taken to sending coat hangers to her office as a statement about the risks of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Collins, a Republican whose vote will be crucial to determining who fills the seat of outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy, has said that she will “not support a nominee who would demonstrate hostility to Roe v. Wade.” She did, however, vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch, who has in the very recent past sided with crisis pregnancy centers and argued in favor of allowing Utah to defund Planned Parenthood. Soo...that’s worrying.


To that end, advocates aren’t taking any chances. As The Cut points out, women began posting images on social media of the coat hangers arriving at Collins’ office:


Trump’s nominee will need 51 votes to be confirmed. Assuming no Democrats break rank, only one Republican would need to side against the nominee in order to prevent them from assuming the seat.

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