Senator Kelly Loeffler Claims She's 'Not Familiar' With Trump's Pussygate Comments

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On CNN this Wednesday, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia claimed that she was “not familiar” with President Trump’s notorious comments bragging about sexually assaulting women that came to light during his 2016 campaign for president. Was it even possible to have missed the “grab ‘em by the pussy” comment (and subsequent news cycle) while living in this country? Why did she think all those other white women were knitting pink pussy hats?

Loeffler, who is best known for introducing transphobic legislation, opposing BLM despite being a partial owner of a WNBA team, and saying she’s “more conservative than Attila the Hun,” has campaigned for her Senate race on her relationship with Trump, bragging that she has voted with him 100% of the time.

This Wednesday, Loeffler told CNN reporter Doug Richards that there were no issues in which she disagrees with the president, but when Richards asked whether she disagreed with Trump’s comments about “personally sexually assaulting women,” Loeffler sidestepped the question, eventually responding “I’m not familiar with that.”


Girl. At least tell a believable lie!

Even after Richards clarified that he was discussing the Access Hollywood tapes, Loeffler again said she was unfamiliar with the comments, and instead leaned on the tried and true Trump technique of diverting attention by attacking his opponent.

“This President is fighting for America,” she said. “That’s what I’m fighting for — to make sure that every American has their chance to live the American dream and against the socialist policies that Joe Biden is espousing every day.”

Backed into a tight corner trying to defend Trump? Just pull out the American dream propaganda—works every time!

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